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Principal Broker, Real Estate and Asset Sale Expert who specializes in helping people defer their taxes on a failed 1031 exchange or Asset Sale.  

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Tax Reduction Strategist and M&A advisor, who has been helping clients reduce and defer their taxes and sell their business for over 25 years. 

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The CAPS Trust Team includes The Asset Exchange, a group of professionals, each with their own area of expertise who work in tandem to minimize taxes and protect assets.

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    The CAPS  Trust Team is comprised of professionals from four companies who educate, advise, and create the CAPS Trust structure for clients.  Each member brings valuable and unique skills to the CAPS Trust Team.  Our purpose is to help business owners, real estate owners, and asset owners stop paying 15-32% of their hard earned money to Uncle Sam when they sell.  

    The Irrevocable Trust is managed by Nevada Trust Company, which has been providing trust services for clients since 1995 

    The custodian of the Irrevocable Trust assets is TD Ameritrade.  They have been operating since 1975

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